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We Love Startups

CEO of We Love Startups. I make people build up dreams into reality. We love startups are creatives and uniques services for projects leaders.

Festival du Film Merveilleux

I'm founder and director of the Festival du film merveilleux. A festival about wonder and imagination.

Movies Around the World

Movies Around the World travel to offer public to the see movies and tech demonstrations from the best Digital experts.

Dyslexia International

I'm a representative for Dyslexia International at Unesco.


Adventurous games and workshops to inspires kids to enjoy sciences, tech, and to grow ecological awareness.


Since 2016, I'm a Tracking manager. I started at Peermusic as a junior account.

My Story

Earlier in life, despite being challenged by dyslexia, I focused in developing artistic skills. I went to music and dance school. With the support of my loving family and friend, I practiced every summer adventurous sports like rafting, canyoning, hydro-speed, parapente to develop confidence and leadership.

At age of 11, I integrated the CHAM classes, where I studied in the morning and practiced art disciplines in the afternoon. Later I went to a film school to study business production and development.

As a lot of dyslexic people, being self-taught was not easy to get into the workplace in France, struggling to find a place; however that lead to the creation of my own non-profit project in 2007. My first internship was at Cannes film festival where I fell in love with its organisation process so I decided to found in 2010 the Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire of Paris.

Besides being the film festival organizer, I have experience in producing digital expositions, networking events, workshops for youth ( Kaleidoscope ) and panels such as Cannes Digital during the Cannes Film Festival, Movies Around The World at the Google Campus in London, mentoring filmmakers with their festival strategies (Filmmaker Survival Workshop In The Digital Age). Since 2014, I’m a representative of the NGO Dyslexia International at Unesco.

My current projects involve the development of my own company now called: We Love Startups, and exploring the tech wonderland around the world as being always fascinated by innovation, Stories, disruption and alike.

Benedicte Beaugeois

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